Birthstones are a fascinating aspect of the gem and jewelry world, and are derived from early beliefs regarding the one’s time of birth and its relationship to the planets. Wearing a certain stone as protection against illness and misfortune, or another gem for good luck, eventually developed into the birthstone systems of today.

Given below is a table of world-standardized methods for choosing your birthstone:
Birthstones by Zodiacs (Rashi)
Rashi (Zodiac) Stone
Aries Rock Crystal
Taurus Aventurine
Gemini Moonstone
Cancer Carnelian
Leo Zade
Virgo Lapiz
Libra Jasper
Scorpio Topaz
Sagittarius Turquoise
Capricorn Garnet
Aquarius Amethyst
Pisces Coral
Birthstones by Zodiacs (Rashi)
Month Stone Color
January Garnet Dark Red
February Amethyst Purple
March Aquamarine Pale Blue
April Topaz / Diamond White
May Emerald Bright Green
June Pearl, Moonstone Cream
July Ruby, Cornelian Red
August Peridot, Sardonyx Pale Green
September Sapphire Deep Blue
October Opal, Tourmaline Variegated
November Topaz Yellow
December Turquoise Sky Blue
Birthstones by Indian Astrology & Date of Birth
Date of Birth Rashi (Zodiac) Stars Stones Color
20 March - 19 April Aries
Mangal Coral of Red Agate (Munga & Akik) Red
20 April - 20 May Taurus
Mangal Diamond, W. Sapphire, Moonstone, Agate (Heera, Pukhraj, Chandra, Akik) White
21 May - 22 June Gemini
Budh Emerald, Jead, Onex, Agate (Panna, Margaj, Onis, Akik) Green
23 June - 21 July Cancer
Chandrama Pearl, Opal, Agate (Moti, Opal, Akik) Milky
22 July - 22 August Leo
Surya Ruby, Gamet, Starruby, Agate (Manak, Tamda, Mehasuri, Star & Akik) Red
23 August - 21 September Virgo
Budh Emerald, Jead, Onex, Agate (Panna, Margaj, Onis & Akik) Green
22 September - 22 October Libra
Shukra Diamond, Wsapphire, Moonstone, Agate (Heera, Pukhraj, Moonstone & Akik) White
23 October - 21 November Scorpio
Mangal Coral, Red Agate (Munga, Hara Akik) Red
22 November - 23 December Sagittarius
Brahaspati Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz, Agate (Pukhraj, Sunhela & Akik) Yellow
23 December - 29 January Capricorn
Shani Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Black Star Agate (Nilam, Lajbard & Lasunia) Black / Blue
30 January - 19 February Aquarius
Shani Sapphire, Avularte, Amethyst, Agate (Nilam, Nili, Kathela & Akik) Black / Blue
20 February - 19 March Pisces
Brahaspati Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz, Agate (Pukhraj, Sunhela, Akik) Yellow
Choosing a birthstone:
If nothing else, the above should make clear that there are a bewildering variety of birthstone choices, depending on nationality, culture, religion, etc. Which one is right for you? We suggest that, if none of the above birthstones strikes your fancy, you simply choose a personal gemstone that symbolizes a special time for you. Choose a personal gemstone based on your zodiac sign, the day of the week on which you were born or the color designated for your birth month.
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