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This section of our Jewelry represents Periodical Jewelry, Special purpose & theme Jewelry & remake of Antique Jewelry. These Jewelry pieces are made using combination of Metal: Silver 925 with Gold 14 K This not only helps us in keeping the cost low, it also helps artisan to create exact replicas of heritage jewelry pieces as it is easy to perform complicated art work on silver in comparison to Gold.

In addition to make each piece beautiful 14 K Gold is also used on all those parts of jewelry which comes in touch with skin (to avoid Tarnish effect) or if that part require strong ness for trouble free & long lasting uses.

We use 24/9 /3 faceted diamonds of all shapes & Gem stones of different styles, cutting, carving or even natural/ tumbled shapes to make the jewelry unique as well as rich looking but reasonably priced.

VICTORIAN, GEORGIAN, ART DECO, ART NOUVEAU & other PERIODICAL JEWELRY ARE MADE. We also made Costume Jewelry & theme based jewelry as well Equestrian Jewelry.

We are specialized in executing Jewelry orders of customized designs, please click here to know more about this.

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