We are specialized in executing Jewelry orders of customized designs in shortest period, at most reasonable cost and up to full satisfaction:

 Inventory of Gems & Diamonds: We carry large inventory of Gems & Diamonds, so any of your required designs need not to wait for these main inputs of any Jewelry piece.

 Experienced Artisan working exclusively for us: Being in business since many decades, we have some of the best Artisans working for us who not only can understand your conceived designs but can also do any type of complicated art work with ease.

 Low cost of developing new designs: In spite of finest of artwork done in our region, cost of labor is low comparative to any other region in world. This helps in making one of its kind types of jewelry pieces or to develop masterpieces for first time, for mass productions, later.

 Latest Electronic system setup to communicate: We have fully developed infrastructure to keep you informed while processing your order, scanning, developing, image-transferring etc.

 Experienced people to satisfy you: Our experienced staff helps you to convert in reality your conceived designs exactly as you wanted, at reasonable price & in shortest period. Even we guide and help you in conceiving designs of your choice, designs suitable for occasion, designs fitting in your budget etc.

Please do contact us with your requirements, photo/ sketched-design /or just an idea to develop designs of your choice.

Please note this service is available for only Wholesale Business purposes or on individual basis item should be above US $ 2500. So while opting for this do e-mail us your detailed business profile other wise see to it that your required itemís tentative value is US $ 2500

If you are one of these:
1. Importer-wholesaler of Jewelry
2. Retailer with nice shop or chain of showrooms
3. Internet marketing through your dot.com site
4. Mail-order supplier for Jewelry or related items
5. Super store for Jewelry & Accessories
6. Make your own Jewelry type service providers

Your visit to this site & association with N.K.M. Jewels may be highly rewarding because jewelry they offer is most reasonable, with full reliability, prompt & regular service.

Email: info@nkmjewels.com Website: www.nkmjewels.com