Purpose of buying Jewelry
Astrology & Healing - Zodiac Sign, Birthstone, Nav-grah Ratan, Color gems, Ailment.
Spiritual & Religious - Signs of Spiritual Power, God & Goddess, Religion logos.
Theme Based - Equestrian, Periodical, Patriotic, Sports, Flower/Nature, Animals.
Event or Occasion - Motherís day, Fatherís day, Valentineís Day, Birthday, Anniversary.
Personalized - Alphabetic, Photographic, Engagement, Marriage.
SPromotional & Gift - Logo Signs, Monograms, and Product Launch signed, autographed etc.
If you are one of these:
1. Importer-wholesaler of Jewelry
2. Retailer with nice shop or chain of showrooms
3. Internet marketing through your dot.com site
4. Mail-order supplier for Jewelry or related items
5. Super store for Jewelry & Accessories
6. Make your own Jewelry type service providers

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